Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Ready

This past week we received an invitation to an adoption staffing.  As you know, we said "YES!"  Originally, if we were chosen, the plan was to hopefully have the kids before Christmas.  Things have changed a little!!!  What will happen now is this...we will go to the staffing and hang around afterwards.  If we are chosen as the family for the kids, we will stay the night and meet them the next day.  Then we will bring them home either the following day or the day after.  So things are hopefully going to be moving extremely fast for us.
This past weekend, we spent time running from place to place finding what we needed to transform two of the bedrooms into being able to accommodate 4 children.  We've added bunk beds in both rooms now and Jackson is pumped to be sleeping on the top bunk.  The third bedroom/office has been cleared out and is now ready to house two girls.  We can't say "Thank You" to Mike Carpenter, Judy Addis and Mike Lounsbery.  They come over Saturday to help us get things done.  Their is absolutely NO WAY we could have accomplished all that was done without the help of such loving and caring friends.  God truly has blessed us with amazing people in our lives.  
Please continue to be in prayer for all of us during this time.  I imagine that this week is going to go by pretty slow waiting for the staffing.  Pray especially for the children.  May God prepare them for whatever family he has in store for them.  I can't even imagine the fear and anxiety they must be feeling.  The fact that they will be moved in a matter of days with people that they really don't even know is so overwhelming.  Ask that God would give them peace in this situation and that their would at least be some form of quick-bond between the chosen family and the kids.  We appreciate everyone's concern and will update you throughout this whole process!

Stephen, Heidi and Jackson