Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friday is the big day!

Well, we got up this morning and went to pick up our 4-year-old to hang out all day.  We went to the Discovery Playhouse Museum, an interactive play area.  While we were there, we received the call for which we have been praying: our 4-year-old gets to spend the night with us tonight; we pick up the girls from school today to hang out for the evening; tomorrow we will pick the girls up from school and they will stay with us for the night; Friday, we will take the girls to school, rent another car, pack up the Pilot, then go to the girls' parties at school; and after school, WE ARE COMING HOME!!!!!!!  We will have our whole family together this weekend.  We are looking forward to taking Christmas pictures, picking out our Christmas tree, decorating it and getting the house ready for our first Christmas together.  What an incredible journey this has been.  We can't wait to see how God works in the life of our family from here on out. 

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  1. Okay, this "the 7-year-old" stuff takes too long to write. I propose the use of Presidential Secret Service code names! Ronald Reagan and his family's code names should work perfectly: Rawhide, Rainbow, and Rosebud (youngest to oldest there). Now that's cool.

    Still just so excited for you, and praying for the smoothest transition possible. Give Rosebud, Rainbow, and Rawhide a Welcome-to-the-Family Hug from all of us. ;0)