Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Closer!!!

Well, we signed our papers tonight and hopefully we will be moving forward very soon.  Did I say hopefully?  YES I DID!  As we were signing our papers, our case manager stated that we will now be assigned a new case worker for the next step.  When we asked how soon that would happen, she said, "Uh, I'm not really sure."  AHHHHHH!

Some other frustrations have reared their ugly head too.  A week ago, the sibling group to which we have grown attached weren't on the website. Naturally, we were a little disappointed.  Three nights ago, following several diet cokes at the midnight premier of Harry Potter, I couldn't sleep and on a whim, looked at the site and there they were.  WELL, tonight in our excitement following the signing, I grabbed the computer to see if we could send an inquiry for the sibling group.  Guess what?  They were gone!  I know that God has a much bigger plan than I can ever imagine, but it is so frustrating.  So strange how you can feel a loss when you haven't even met those you are mourning.  Please be in prayer for Heidi, Jackson and myself as we wait for answers to questions concerning when we can move forward, for the children that God has in store for us, and for the sibling group that we had grown to love without ever meeting. 

The first leg of our journey has definitely been trying, but as we have said at least a thousand times so far, "This is a God-thing.  He brought us here, he will get us through."

Thanks for all your prayers and you should be seeing a lot more of these blogs from here on least I hope you will!