Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Finishing classes!

It's been a while since I've taken the time to share what's going on with the Mattingly's.  We have our last  session of our "STARS" class tonight...we have to do a make up class that we missed because of a mission trip with our youth group.  But anyway, we are really excited to finish up the classes and move into the next phase of our adoption process.  Tonight, we will have a panel of "team members" (lawyers, foster/adoptive parents, foster/adopted children, case workers, etc.) that we will have the opportunity to ask questions and get a little more insight from those who have been where we are. 

As much as we want this to move quickly, it seems that everything happens at the same time.  Again, the frustration of not receiving information on when and where classes will be held until the last minute is wearing on us a bit.  Yet, we know that God is faithful and that He will definitely give us the ability to do the things needed.  Our next step will be to attend "Spalding" classes for adoption.  We will have two 6 hour classes that we will attend, one this Saturday and the other on Saturday, May 21st.  Please be in prayer for us with these, because Stephen has a youth event this coming Saturday and is officiating a wedding on May 21st.  Pray that people will be available to help us out with our youth function and that the wedding party will be open to move a few things around that won't affect the ceremony.

As we move forward in this process and begin to get closer to meeting children, we will be blogging more and more.  As for now, please pray that God will begin to work in the lives of the children that He have prepared for us and that as we come together as a family, He will remain as the focus and guiding in all that we do.

Stephen, Heidi and Jackson

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